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Axinesis and you

Axinesis offers you today a very innovative medical device in the field of neuro-rehabilitation, a discipline that has experienced very great technological improvements in a very short time.

To this end, we commit ourselves to provide you with a long-term support, so that you keep on receiving all benefits from technological advances in this sector and all informations about the latest researches and publications in neuro-rehabilitation.

Furthermore, in order to ensure a continuous improvement of our medical devices, and in order to adapt them in the best ways to the different types of disability of each of your patients, the Company wants to establish a relationship of trust and communication with all therapists who have chosen REAplan®. The aim of this approach is to continue to provide you and your patients with the most appropriate solutions, and ultimately to have as many users as possible to benefit from neuro-rehabilitation technologies.

Clinical benefits

The REAplan® device offers therapists the possibility to monitor the progress of their patients and thus allows to objectify the progresses throughout the therapy. The therapist can observe the progress of each patient on an ad hoc basis through assessment exercises and / or daily exercises through rehabilitation sessions.

The automated post-processing of the data allows the therapists to have patient records and to monitor their progress in real time. After each session, it provides reports containing objective and comparable data on the level of performance of their patients, which allows a real feedback on their evolution over the sessions. The device also offers the possibility of retrieving each patient record in one click, at any time, in a PDF format.

The possibility of working in relative autonomy, as offered to patients during their treatment, allows the therapists to improve their time management, thus promoting the management of an improved number of patients.

Scientific publications

September 2016

Performance-based robotic assistance during rhythmic arm exercises
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July 2015

Age Effects on Upper Limb Kinematics Assessed by the REAplan Robot in Healthy Subjects Aged 3 to 93 Years
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November 2014

Age Effects on Upper Limb Kinematics Assessed by the REAplan Robot in Healthy School-Aged Children.
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July 2014

Upper Limb Robot-Assisted Therapy in Cerebral Palsy: A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
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November 2013

Using the robotic device REAplan as a valid, reliable, and sensitive tool to quantify upper limb impairments in stroke patients
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March 2012

A robotic device as a sensitive quantitative tool to assess upper limb impairments in stroke patients: A preliminary prospective cohort study
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