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Join us for our digital symposium

Using the REAplan® to assess and rehabilitate upper limb movements in brain injured patients

This virtual event will teach you how technologies and robotic devices, especially the REAplan®, can objectively assess and intensively rehabilitate motor control, functionality of the upper limbs in stroke adults and children with cerebral palsy. Let’s discover together the clinical and scientific interest of this topic through several 20min-presentations from experts in robotic technology.

Program for the symposium


Welcome address

Mr Pieter VAN DEN STEEN, Chief Exectutive Officer at Axinesis


New technologies and robotic devices in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Pr Thierry LEJEUNE, MD, PhD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc


Design of an interactive robot, the REAplan®, for the upper limb rehabilitation

Dr Julien SAPIN, Eng, PhD, Founder & Chief Technical Officer at Axinesis


Using a robotic device to assess and rehabilitate upper limb movements

Dr Maxime GILLIAUX, PT, PhD, Chief Medical Officer at Axinesis


Using a robotic device to assess and rehabilitate neuropsychological impairments

Pr Martin EDWARDS, PhD, Université Catholique de Louvain


Serious games for upper limb rehabilitation

Dr Gauthier EVERARD, PT, PhD, Université Laval


Roundtable with the faculty


Acknowledgements and closure

Mr Pieter VAN DEN STEEN, Chief Executive Officer at Axinesis

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