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Effective and Engaging Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Stroke upper limb rehabilitation with Axinesis

If you have a neurological condition, rehabilitation should help you achieve optimal outcomes while being safe and engaging. Axinesis’s neurorehabilitation devices support effective upper extremity rehabilitation in conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

Clinically proven effectiveness

Research has shown that using our neurorehabilitation therapy devices leads to better and faster recovery. In rehabilitation of arm function after stroke, robot-assisted therapy with REAplan® led to significantly greater improvements in gross manual dexterity and upper limb ability during functional tasks than usual therapy alone, with improvements maintained at 6 months. Stroke patients in the robot assisted therapy group also had higher levels of social participation. For children with cerebral palsy, therapy with REAplan® led to significantly greater improvements in smoothness of movement and manual dexterity than conventional therapy.

Fun and engaging

For optimal brain plasticity and recovery, neurorehabilitation therapy must be intense and engaging. Axinesis upper extremity rehabilitation devices are designed to boost brain plasticity and optimize your cognitive and motor recovery. They use highly engaging therapeutic games that adapt to your needs and progress, helping to enhance motivation and prevent boredom.

Personalized to your needs

Our devices have a large range of games to suit a range of ages and personal preferences. They can be easily tailored to suit you, with options to set up a personal avatar and shopping account along with your rehabilitation goals.

Get feedback on your progress

Discovering how your stroke upper limb rehabilitation is going is easy with Axinesis. Our devices analyze every movement and create a report after each session, providing objective and comparable data about your performance and progress.

Support throughout your recovery journey

Our range of devices enable intensive stroke rehabilitation therapy throughout each phase of your recovery. From very early supported rehabilitation to independent care at home, we have a neurorehabilitation device for each stage of the recovery pathway. Our unique platform even allows for rehabilitation at home, with or without support from a remote therapist.

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