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Neurorehabilitation Devices for Optimal Recovery

Innovative functional rehabilitation for patients with motor and cognitive disorders

Axinesis helps patients with motor and cognitive disorders achieve faster recovery and return to social participation with intensive, functional and motivational therapy.

Our easy to use and highly engaging neurorehabilitation devices ensure patients receive the amount and intensity of therapy required to drive neuroplasticity and functional recovery.

Axinesis Neurorehabilitation Devices – Innovative, Cost-Effective Technologies for Intensive Functional Rehabilitation

Self-adaptive therapy

Our neurorehabilitation devices adapt to each patient’s needs, providing everything from full movement assistance to active resistance.

Optimize outcomes

Providing up to 1,000 functional movements per session, the devices provide intensive and functional therapy for maximum impact on brain plasticity.

Increase motivation

Therapeutic gamification and intuitive graphical interfaces create a playful, stimulating environment that ensures high patient engagement.

Broad indications

Suitable for upper extremity rehabilitation in patients of all ages and for numerous conditions, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

Positive ROI

Our neurorehabilitation devices have a strong therapeutic, social and financial return on investment, with a proven average payback time of 2 years.

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Intensive neurorehabilitation solutions for all stages of the recovery pathway, ensuring continuity of therapy and patient progression

From centralized care with support to decentralized and independent care

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Our Partners

Axinesis collaborates with academic institutions working on robotics and augmented reality in the neurorehabilitation field, and on research projects to develop technologies for improving outcomes in people with brain injuries.

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