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Rehabilitation robotics to optimize patient outcomes and simplify workflows

Assistive rehabilitation technology for your hospital, clinic or therapy centre

Axinesis’s cost-effective and clinically proven neurorehabilitation devices help optimize patient outcomes while simplifying your workflows and maximizing therapy time.

At Axinesis, we understand you want every patient to achieve the best possible functional outcomes, including return to activities of daily living and social participation. We also understand the challenges and limitations of providing manual therapy. Our neurorehabilitation devices have been designed to overcome these challenges, allowing your patients to receive the intensity, continuity and progression of practise required to drive brain plasticity and motor recovery.

Axinesis solutions

Improved patient outcomes

Research has shown that using Axinesis rehabilitation therapy equipment leads to significantly greater improvements in gross manual dexterity, upper limb ability during functional tasks, and patient social participation after stroke than conventional therapy alone, with improvements maintained at 6 months.

Use of Axinesis rehabilitation robotics also led to significantly greater improvements in smoothness of movement and manual dexterity than conventional therapy in children with cerebral palsy.

Boost neuroplasticity and motor recovery

Our assistive rehabilitation technologies facilitate up to 1,000 movements per session, allowing you to easily provide sufficient intensity of functional task practise. They auto-adapt to each patient’s performance level, providing everything from passive movement to active resistance.

Increase patient motivation

Eliminate boredom and enhance motivation by implementing our neurorehabilitation devices into your clinical practise. Therapeutic gamification and a personalized, user friendly, intuitive graphical interface create a playful, stimulating environment, ensuring high task engagement. The large range of therapeutic games auto-adapt to each patient’s progress, preventing boredom and promoting cognitive and motor learning.

Optimize therapy time

Completing adequate task practice is time consuming and demanding for therapists and costly for facilities. Staffing constraints can also limit therapy time. Using Axinesis rehabilitation therapy equipment ensures your patients receive the intense functional therapy needed for optimal recovery, while freeing therapists to use their time more efficiently.

Simplify workflows

Axinesis assistive rehabilitation technologies are easy to set up and use and don’t require morphological adaptation between patients, helping to create an efficient and streamlined workflow.

Enhance the rehabilitation experience

Maintain staff and patient motivation in a highly engaging clinical environment that makes use of cost-effective, clinically proven and innovative rehabilitation technologies.

Easily get objective feedback

Our neurorehabilitation devices collect and analyse data about every movement, enabling you to easily gather information about patient performance and progress. Get a report providing objective and comparable data after each session or retrieve patient records in PDF format at any time with one click.

Provide continuity of care

Axinesis neurorehabilitation devices optimize patient outcomes by facilitating recovery from early rehabilitation to well after discharge, including a decentralized rehabilitation solution. REAplan®, REAtouch® and REAtouch® Lite are complementary rehabilitation tools covering the full continuum of care – from centralized supported to decentralized and autonomous rehabilitation. A unique platform brings REAtouch® and REAtouch® Lite together into a single patient interface for remote rehabilitation.


By facilitating high staff productivity, faster patient recovery and greater motivation all-round, our neurorehabilitation solutions deliver a strong return on investment across therapeutic, social and financial domains. The average payback time is just 2 years.

High patient inclusion

Axinesis rehabilitation technology solutions are suitable for patients of all ages across the continuum of a broad spectrum of conditions, including stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Support for health professionals

Axinesis are committed to developing long-term, trusted partnerships with health professionals who use our neurorehabilitation devices.

Our experienced team of engineers and computer experts are available and happy to answer any questions to ensure you can make optimal use of our devices.

Axinesis is also committed to training all our users. We will guide you during your first use of our devices with patients and provide technical assistance whenever necessary.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, so our R & D team encourage you to send us your suggestions and comments. This helps us adapt our neurorehabilitation devices to best suit your patients’ rehabilitation needs and offer you the highest quality solutions.

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