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Rehabilitation Technology for Motor and Cognitive Disorders

Optimize patient outcomes with intensive functional therapy supported by therapeutic gamification

Axinesis rehabilitation technology devices help people with brain injuries achieve better functional outcomes and return to social participation.

Our neurorehabilitation technologies provide intensive, functional movement practise supported by personalized therapeutic gamification to enhance patient engagement. This stimulates neuroplasticity, leading to improved cognitive and motor skill development and faster rehabilitation, with impacts extending up to 6 months after therapy1.

Axinesis have solutions for patients of all ages and stages of the care pathway and suited for numerous pathologies, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Our solutions : REAplan, REAtouch and REAtouch Lite Schuifbeeld boven EN new 18-11-21

Discover Our Solutions



End-effector robot for intensive, auto-adaptative upper limb rehabilitation with inbuilt therapeutic gamification to increase motivation and optimise rehabilitation outcomes

REAtouch New


Interactive device for intensive, uni- and bimanual, functional upper limb rehabilitation with an integrated portfolio of therapeutic games for young and old

REAtouch lite new

REAtouch® Lite

Portable interactive device that brings intensive functional upper limb rehabilitation to the home of the patient

The Axinesis Difference

Our cost-effective and research-backed rehabilitation technologies are designed
to enhance neuroplasticity and optimize recovery.

Highly engaging

Intuitive graphical interfaces and personalized, self-adaptive games create a playful, stimulating environment for high patient motivation.

Developed by experts

Our games are developed in collaboration with neurorehabilitation experts and based on therapeutic data to optimize treatment algorithms and therapeutic software.

Simple to use

Our devices don’t require morphological adaptation, making them user-friendly for both therapists and patients and easy to integrate into your clinical routine.

Easily adaptable

Our robust adaptable workspaces are designed to accommodate patients in standing, sitting, or in wheelchairs, whatever their condition.

Objective data

Easily get real-time measurements and reports that provide objective and comparable data about patient performance and progress.

Why choose Axinesis?

Innovative technologies

More than 10 years of research

Improved patient outcomes

Cost-effective solutions

1Dehem S. et al. (2019).”Effectiveness of upper-limb robotic-assisted therapy in the early rehabilitation phase after stroke: A single-blind, randomised controlled trial.”
Ann Phys Rehabil Med. Sep;62(5):313-320

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