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The team of Professor Thierry LEJEUNE, medical practitioner from the physical medicine and rehabilitation department of the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc, has started the first clinical evaluation of the REAtouch® Home for stroke patients.

The REAtouch® Home from Axinesis, is a software allowing patients to perform personalised, functional and long-term neurorehabilitation from a tablet or desktop at home. The therapy is performed in autonomy as self-rehabilitation, thanks to a personalised therapeutic program provided by the therapist. The therapy is regularly adapted at a distance, in accordance with the evolving needs of the patient, thanks to a tele-rehabilitation module integrated in the REAtouch® Home platform.

The objective of this first study is to assess the feasibility of using the REAtouch® Home in autonomy in a home-setting. The patients’ feedbacks will enable the optimization of the application and provide first clinical data on this innovative neurorehabilitation approach, combining therapeutic games, self- and tele-rehabilitation.

Enabling the combined implementation of evidence-based neurorehabilitation concepts like serious gaming, self- and tele-rehabilitation, we believe that the REAtouch® Home can have a significant impact for the long-term rehabilitation of stroke patients at home.
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