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AXINESIS entrusts DESSINTEY with the distribution of its REAplan® robot in France

With this collaboration, Dessintey proposes a unified offer IVS3 + REAplan® for a complete and intensive upper limb rehabilitation.


The upper limb, essential for daily life activities

Whether they are the result of a stroke, an orthopaedic trauma or chronic pain, partial or total upper limb deficiencies have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients: they cause difficulties in carrying out daily activities such as eating, washing, dressing, etc. 


Intention, planning, execution, motor control

Upper limb rehabilitation calls for an understanding of the individual components of the movement:

  • Action planning: Potential of actions – Intention & motor planification
  • Motor execution: Performance of movement and biofeedback 

Indeed, for many patients, motor performance is affected by an altered or non-existent movement command (body awareness, memory of motor functions, projection in time) and/or a difficulty in executing the movement (strength deficit, amplitude limits).


Complementary approaches to work on all stages of motor control

The combined IVS3 and REAplan® technologies constitute a complementary and innovative approach in the therapeutic arsenal for upper limb rehabilitation. They are based on four fundamental pillars:

  • Early and intensive treatment
  • Varied and complementary treatments and stimulations
  • Biofeedbacks to reinforce learning
  • Patient adherence and motivation

IVS3 (Intensive Visual Simulation), based on the principle of visual simulation of movement: a unique technology dedicated to motor planning and movement control.

REAplan® is an interactive end-effector robot for auto-adaptive intensive upper limb rehabilitation through therapeutic gamification: an innovative technology to facilitate and stimulate motor performance.

A commercial partnership for France

Feedback from therapists in the field has largely demonstrated the effectiveness and complementarity of this IVS3 + REAplan® combination. Both technologies aim to accelerate the patient’s return to autonomy, with innovative technologies promoting motor relearning and movement repetition.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the distribution of the REAplan® device will be handled by Dessintey in France. Together, we will be stronger to serve our clients across France, with a range of complementary products within a unified offer.

The Axinesis team will continue to market its REAtouch® and REAtouch® Lite devices directly.


About Dessintey

Since 2017, Dessintey has been developing and marketing intensive rehabilitation technologies to accelerate recovery and ensure greater patient autonomy. The company is also the French manufacturer of the IVS3 (Intensive Visual Simulation 3) device for upper limb rehabilitation in patients suffering from stroke, orthopaedic trauma or chronic pain.


About Axinesis

Axinesis is a medtech company, founded in 2015, specialised in neurorehabilitation. Axinesis’ mission is to enhance the functional recovery of all patients with motor and cognitive disorders throughout their care pathway, from centralized and supported care to decentralized and independent care. This mission is achieved through innovative, intensive rehabilitation technologies, such as the REAplan®, REAtouch® and REAtouch® Lite devices. These technologies are based on intensity and repetition of movements, combined with personalized therapeutic gamification, leading to improved motor and cognitive recovery, and improvements in activities of daily living and patient social participation.

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